Espressioso's Coffee

Espressiosos Coffee carefully selects ethically sourced coffee with smaller family farms, allowing our approach to roasting and brewing to be more dynamic, intuitive, and an overall greater coffee experience.

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Store Location: 529 4th St. Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Regular Pop-Ups found at:

Location: Farmer's Lane Farmers Market, Santa Rosa CA, 95401

Time: Wednesdays | 8am - 1pm

Location: Windsor Certified Farmers Market. Windsor Town Green

Time: Sundays | 9:30am - 12:30pm

Our Products

Finca Monte Perla

By choosing our single estate, medium body Arabica Espresso Beans, you're not just enjoying great taste but also improving your overall health! With a slight citrus acidity and notes of Almond, White Plum, and Raspberry, enjoy the added depth and complexity of flavor!

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Eagle Mogiana | Decaf | Dark Roast

Made using the Swiss Water Process - a natural decaffeination method that doesn't involve any chemicals - our espresso beans retain their original flavor and aroma while eliminating caffeine content. Featuring background notes of Walnut, Fig Newton, and Cinnamon.

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Creating Positive Change through Connection

Our coffee is not just about providing you with a tasty cup of coffee; it's about fostering connections and creating positive change. We believe in supporting local farmers and sourcing our beans sustainably to reduce our carbon footprint while giving back to those who need it most.


Veteran Owned, Community Focused, Environmentally Conscious

We strive to provide customers with the best tasting coffee while still being conscious of our impact on the planet. With every bag sold, we get the opportunity to make a difference.

Our coffee bean bags and cups are made from recycled materials.